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John Rushing
Artist | Professional | Photography
United States
I live in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.
I am a Freelance Photographer focusing my attention on a Bucket List Project I desire to have completed by December 31, 2015.
I am concentrating my interest on Artistic Nudes, Erotic, Fetish, and Original Themed Projects.
I am looking for models comfortable shooting in these genres male and female.
I am willing to collaborate with serious minded novice models...
Seek me out on:

I do have a domain for my photography I just have not built the website:

I will be eventually selling images with some models that I create TF arrangements with.

For now!!! Shoot Shoot Shoot Shoot!!!
Manicured like a divine sculptured porcelain fixture
Oh, you are something to marvel at, raw in all your splendor.
You sprawl out bare, spread before me, shaven...
Playing with your fingers upon your teeth... embracing the coy tool of seduction
The window light spills onto your skin illuminating the creamy silky sheen of your flesh
Crimson coated glistening nails seem to have been dipped in candy apple glaze fondling your lips
Wet,... Shimmery... Long... and Vibrant.
I circle you as you reveal yourself to me...
Unsolicited Act of Vulnerability... a gift you whisper shamelessly 
Onto your stomach you roll... propping your rump in the air widening your gate separating your knees..

You flaunt your slender little gash, head pitched back, red paint toes point to the ceiling like the were arrowheads
The shapely form of your silhouette is poetically defined in words scribed in braille 
Hips full and curvaceous framing your voluptuously plumply rounded firm unblemished backside
Your snaredrum taut anus blows oval kisses at me willfully.
Arms and legs... long and proportionate outlined with definition and beckoning to be caressed

You saunter about the floor polished wood floor with deep grain embellishments
Stained cedar slats that mirror your reflection... should I speak to this???
How you wallow in slow motion... pulling and prodding at yourself
You tussle with your lady bits with a sexy little euphoric scowl upon your face... cheek pressed into the floor
pooling in your crotch from a manipulative probing digit... I can hear your lips and secretion talking aloud as you stir your watering flower...

Long shaggy black perfect lashes that flare out like awnings framing your eyes
Casting stares that knock me over like a feather from the flicker of your lash caught in the wake
Capsizing me by devastating proportion from your butterfly effect...

Seered into my memory... Forever~
Lids adorned in colors that collide with calamity and rapture and set ablaze...
Sedona Red, Azure Blue, Ora Gold, Kissed with Periwinkle glistening crystals with Buck Cherry Lips
Shall I speak more... as you revel upon the floor butt naked sultry and swaying to a loving groove????
"Closer" is blaring from the speaker box, pounding rhythms through the floor that reverberate
resonating in the matrix of our uterus... your clitoris shudders as thought tectonic plates embraced
I eye you from across the room... playing with your trumpet... sweet reveille never sound so lewd.
But you do not waiver from the act... you merely stare me down in your trance making micro expressions
conveying your pleasure to yourself enrolling me in this mutual perversion

I watch you like a voyeur looking through by brows with heighten senses...
I love how you gasp when you touch yourself just right... but still never breaking the connection.
You're sweet exhibition plays out like a symphony for the devil... I listen to the inaudible utterances...
I smell you... distinct and sweet... I see you froth with a creamy rue of essence... like a faucet that cannot contain its leak

One would say you leave nothing to the imagination...
I beg to differ... You summons up an effervescence that has been bottled up and shelved...
But here you are picking my lock with your antics that stir my loins with your wicked little plume
Soft, supple, moist, flush, agape, wet, sticky, pink,... the creme de la creme...
You are inebriating, intoxicating, provocatively inciting... 
You are all I desire without compromise... yet I watch you watching me.
And the dew filled trumpets in your garden... I desire to fill is primed

(To Be continued, Extended, and Revised)


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Hello John! I want to thank you for your decision to watch my work! I'm really pleased and honoured by it!!!!!:bow:  Hope you'll enjoy it further from time to time...
And thank you too, of course, for the faves, buddy!
Rikkiz820 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Photographer
Watching in my case... it's purely out of admiration of your composition, expression, and vision... Life is noting without inspiration. :)
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